Making aerospace commerce easy, safe, and modern


AeroParts Now technology helps aircraft parts sellers do business directly with their customers.


Founded in 2018, AeroParts Now is leading the transformation of the way the world buys and sells aircraft parts. We believe commerce in aviation should be modern and safe, just like the aircraft and flight operations you support. We realized that there are fundamental problems to be solved in the industry. Namely:

  • Filling the gaps in the sales process between ERP systems and marketplaces

  • Simplifying and consolidating the request for quote (RFQ) process

  • Enabling sellers to sell direct to customers with their own online stores

  • Conducting true ecommerce with entirely electronic transactions

Our purpose-built solution is created with the mindset to simply make it easy for you to sell parts faster.



leading the efforts to modernize how aircraft parts are bought and sold



Our vision is to be the global engine of commerce for aerospace parts. The current landscape is a patchwork of competing marketplaces, processes and suppliers conducting business mostly offline. It’s a model that is inefficient, inconsistent, and prone to errors and fraud. We want to change that with systems and protocols that enable buyers and sellers to automate their business.


How do we become the engine of commerce for aerospace? By making commerce easy for aerospace. That’s our mission: to make it easy. While many players embrace technology to search for and find parts, the “last mile” of transactions still happen via phone, fax, and snail mail. Not only that, many part records are still stored in physical files, subject to loss or tampering. We have identified the gaps in the process experiences, and have built an infrastructure to fill those gaps. The result is a faster and more secure workflow for buyers and sellers.

Core Values

In order to transform the way aircraft parts are bought and sold, we don’t just need to introduce new technologies—we need to engender trust and change hearts and minds. What we’re doing is as much a cultural shift as it is technological. That’s why our core values balance visionary thinking with sensitivity to the needs of the aerospace industry.


Agility is a key component of our strategy. We value the ability to think, understand, and move quickly when it comes to solving business problems—both for our customers and the aerospace industry at large.


The aerospace industry is built on trust, reliability, safety, and security. We understand that trust is built by delivering on what we promise, providing a consistent experience, and exceeding expectations. That’s why we offer technology to help you build even greater confidence with your customers.


Our organization started because we saw opportunities to improve the way aircraft parts sellers and buyers interact with each other, and the way parts are traced and verified. Not only is our business model innovative, our technology stack is as well. Many ERP/MRO systems and marketplaces are built on decades-old technology. Our infrastructure is built on the same scalable, modern technologies of world-class ecommerce platforms, delivering a premium experience for the web and mobile apps.


Helping you grow your business has always been the driving factor behind our products and services. That’s because we value a collaborative approach to software design both within our teams and with our customers. We seek to understand your biggest challenges and opportunities, and work together to design solutions to meet them head on. Our goal is to design a better world for aerospace commerce, together.


We leverage technology to help you reach more customers, sell more products and services, and work more productively. Better productivity leads to growth and better customer satisfaction.


 Simon Group Holdings and aviation investments

Connecting the dots for the aviation industry


 AeroParts Now is a Simon Group Holdings company.

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Simon Group Holdings (SGH) was created in 1985 with the founding of Atlas Oil Company by Sam Simon. SGH portfolio encompasses 120 companies and direct investments, 3,000 customers and 1,000 employees. Its growth is fueled through digital disruption and by investing in operationally experienced entrepreneurs who have a vision and hunger to reinvent their respective industries.

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 our team

Leadership at the intersection of aviation and technology


Our team leverages a wealth of experience from aerospace, manufacturing, logistics, software, and business systems.


Sam Simon

Founder, Chairman & Owner

Mike Fahy


Will Dent


Rick Noetzel

Senior Director of Finance


Srinivas Hasti

Director of Software Engineering


Jonathan King

Director of User Experience Design

Meghan Carr

Sales and Marketing Operations Manager